A Girl Who Lived in Her Shoes

I have recently purchased several new pairs of shoes…okay five! Maybe it’s a problem or maybe I’m simply beefing up my collection. I work in an office environment which is in academia. I also look like my students…being a twenty something in academia can have this effect. So last year (my first year as a professor), I was very lackadaisical about my style…I was so busy with my doctorate and my new career, I would go to work with wet hair (gasp!) and no real direction in my appearance. This year, although I continue to be busy with school and my workload, I felt to set myself apart from my students as well as make a better appearance to my colleagues, I needed to amp up my wardrobe and style a bit. Now, I feel like I should say a caveat: I was never “spoken to” about my appearance…I was always clean, well-groomed with appropriate clothes, but I, personally, felt I could make a little more effort, mainly to boost my own self-esteem.

So that was a long introduction to my recent shoe purchases…but I digress. Although I am a grown ass women and don’t need to justify my purchases ;), I felt my wardrobe needed more stylish, yet comfortable footwear for the office as well as a night out. I also am a big believer in a good deal! All the shoes I present to you were bought on a relative budget, with the exception of one pricier pair (but they were on mega sale).

Here is the line up:

Here are the three black pairs closer up:

The splurge pair is these from Kate Spade. I bought them at Off 5th for $129, and they originally retailed for around $330. I have been in search for a pair of lasercut shoes, ever since I saw a pair designed by Lauren Conrad at Kohl’s that were nude, but are no longer available. Tears! So I jumped when I found this black pair today.
Kate Spade
Kate Spade 2

The second pair were a complete steal from TJ Maxx. A pair of Bandolino peep toe wedges with a Kate Spade-esque gold bow on the toe that were on clearance for $10! You can’t beat that with a stick! And they are comfortable as well.
Bandolino 2

The last black pair are cheapies from Payless Shoe Source, but I already have a similar pair in red patent, and they are so comfortable! The Comfort Plus shoe retails for $29.99 on the Payless website and come in a variety of colors. I chose these in black patent, and you will see shortly, I bought the wine color ones as well.
Black patent

Then we have these two beauties, both similar in color: in the wine/purple hue family. I have been hunting for a shoe in this color for a while to go with a green trench dress I bought at Target this summer.

The first pair I purchased is also from Payless and is the same Comfort Plus brand (so comfy!) for $29.99. This is called “wine” online and has a suede-like texture. I wore these with my green dress, and got so many compliments on my look. I will definitely get good use out of them this fall.
payless wine
payless wine 2

Lastly, these Sam Edelman heels were a total impulse buy while shopping with my sister at Off 5th today. But they retail for $140, and were on clearance for $42! (Praise Hand Emoji!!) I couldn’t pass up this deal! They are a similar wine/merlot color to the Comfort Plus pair but edgier with the ankle wrap and pointed toe. I can’t wait to wear these!

So all in all, although I spent $241 on shoes this month, it was five pairs of shoes! And all versatile in how I plan to style them. Plus, there are a lot of people out there that will pay way more for one pair of shoes than what I did on five!

I hope you enjoyed a peek inside my newest editions to my shoe collection. I’m sorry that I didn’t post last week…I was in the middle of writing my preliminary exam for my doctorate and started teaching class that same week. So I was a stress ball! Thanks for stopping by! xoxo


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