Blogmas Day 9: My Christmas Wishlist

Hello to Blogmas Day 9 and all my sweet readers! I wanted to share what’s on my wishlist for Christmas. Christmas definitely isn’t about presents and getting “stuff!” My favorite part of Christmas is getting a chance to spend time with family, time off from work, and giving presents. I would much rather give than receive a gift. I love to make lists of what to get others, think of unique gift ideas, and how to make their holiday special. I will be sharing a Christmas gift guide soon, but I am waiting on orders to come in from recent online purchases before I can film that video.

So on to the wishlist: What I am really wanting is a tripod for my camera. (A new camera would be great too with the little flip screen, but it’s not necessary!) I am working with books and tables at the moment to prop my camera, and I think a tripod would take making videos to a new level. I am also asking for a SD card so I am not constantly moving footage from my camera to my laptop.


I am also asking for two fashion-y type items: a purse puff and faux leather leggings, both from Nordstrom. I like both the light pink and camel color in the fur puff, but think the pink would look especially chic against my LV Speedy. And the pants aren’t completely “leather.” The back is a fabric material. MakeupByTiffanyD introduced me to these items in her holiday lookbook and gift guide videos, and these are actually affordable pieces, which isn’t always the case with Tiffany!

Alternate Product Image 1 Selected                              Alternate Product Image 3

And the last two things I would like include a fragrance and a lip product from Sephora. I received a Nest fragrance as a 100 point perk, and have fallen in love with the scent. And I can see myself running through that little bottle quick. It’s Nest Indigo, which has notes of tea, Kashmir wood, and black cardamom. I have also been lusting after the Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask in Champagne.

That’s what I’m asking for Christmas! What are you putting on your Santa list? I’d love to know, so leave me a comment!


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