Blogmas Day 12: Wedding Dress Shopping!!!

Ahhh!!! I am dress shopping this morning with my mom, one of my sisters, my future mother and sister in law, and my two aunts! I am very excited, and have been primping and plucking in preparation! Haha! So, for blogmas day 12 I want to share some examples of what I am looking for in a wedding gown. I am thinking I want princess/ball gown style with flowy layers. I think cupcake frosting. Not in a cheesy way but in a subtle and chic way. But I’m going in with an open mind and told my entourage they have to be decisive since I can be wishy washy!

This is my dream gown!
I like the ribbon belt and silhouette on this dress.


I’m looking forward to today. I get to be with my favorite ladies shopping for a special day that I never thought could happen! Plus, we will end the day with lunch at a French bistro and a bottle of champs!



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