Blogmas Day 13: My Christmas Books

For Blogmas day 13, I wanted to share my collection of Christmas books. It’s a pretty small collection; however, most of them are family books my mother gave me when I moved out years back. The books my mom gave me include The Velveteen Rabbit, which she would read to me and my siblings each Christmas. Then, A Little Golden Book Christmas Carols, which me and my siblings would use to find songs to sing to our family each year. We always gave a little performance at our Christmas gathering, and many of the carols came from this book. And lastly, The Christmas Reader, which has the Dear Virginia story. This story is about a little girl asking if Santa Claus is real. And the New York Sun responded with “Yes, there is a Santa Claus.” My mom read this to me when I found out there wasn’t a real Santa Claus. I was devastated. A girl in my school told me this terrible tale, and being a sheltered and naive girl, I had a really difficult time dealing with this. My mom spent a whole afternoon loving on me and telling me stories and making me feel better. She really is the best!


Then I have two books that are more modern: The Elf on the Shelf and Everything I Need to Know about Christmas I Learned from a Little Golden Book. The Elf on the Shelf is a new cult classic with the mischevious little elf who does silly things while kids are sleeping. Abby and I have a naughty elf who likes to hide in underwear drawers, play with knives, and drink wine. Hehe! And the other one is a really fun book to look through that has pictures from all the golden books and how we learned from them. Very cool.

What Christmas books do you have?


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