Blogmas Day 15: Planner Sticker Haul

I usually schedule my blog posts the night before they go live, but I was exhausted after an extremely long day dealing with final exams and course grades yesterday. Therefore, blogmas day 15 is going live significantly later than usual…And I’m really sorry about that! But today is a fun post of a sticker order I placed on Etsy at Plain Jane Stickers. It looks like she is on a break from her shop, but the link takes you to her Etsy shop for future reference.

I always kinda scoffed and didn’t fully understand the whole sticker planner obsession. My planner is fully functional. It is a mess with appointments, meetings, course work, etc. I didn’t need the fluff of stickers to obstruct the ability to write down all my “stuff.” But I decided to try them out when Jamie from thenotsoordinarywife on YouTube announced her Cyber Monday and Black Friday sale. I spent a little over $25 to get the special sampler she made for this sale. Her prices are fair (around $2-3 per sticker page). I looked at others, and some sell a sticker sheet for $8! WTF! I still don’t understand that…

Anyway, I just received my order yesterday, so it took two weeks from placing my order to get it. She does state on her Etsy page it will take 1-2 weeks to ship because she makes the stickers as the order comes in. The quality seems good, and the colors are vibrant. I haven’t used them yet, other than putting a few in my planner to test them out. I will mostly save the order for my new planner in the coming year. I got this one from Bloom Planners on Amazon for 2016. Jamie’s stickers are made for Erin Condren planners, but I’m not spending that much money on a planner and honestly have no interest in going that route with my planning. But I think the stickers I ordered will go fine in the Bloom Planner.

Without further ado, here is what I got (sorry for the glare):

A Christmas sampler and To/From present stickers for gifts. I also got the little YouTube film stickers and the cameras for identifying what I want to post on either the blog or my YouTube channel.

Then I got pastel flags, pastel To Do stars, and the pet reminders and paws for George (my puppy) when he goes to puppy daycare, grooming and vet appointments. Then I got laundry baskets as I do laundry about three times a week and wash towels once a week. Then, I got the Cleaning Schedule which was kind of a whim purchase. My cleaning is very sporadic due to my schedule. I keep a clean house, don’t get me wrong! But I don’t follow any schedule, so we will see how these work out. I couldn’t resist the laundry baskets though because they are so cute in the pastel color!

Sampler & School

Then I purchased the school stickers which I really only have a purpose for No School, School Event, and Conference, but I wanted the sampler, so in the cart they went! And the sampler (next to the school stickers) is really cute with to do stars, trash cans, a TV, credit cards, etc. Very cute!

Overall, I am really pleased with these stickers and am excited to see how they fit into my non-strategic planning techniques. Like I said, my planner is for functional purposes only, but it never hurts to branch out and make your life a little cuter! I will update you on my progress as it comes. Let me know what type of planning  you do!


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