Blogmas Day 18: Washi Collection

I thought I would follow up my planner haul post from earlier this week with my washi tape collection. I actually use washi sparingly in my planner, but like to use it for an added effect to gifts and my vanity organizers. It’s relatively small compared to other collections I’ve seen on YouTube. I also usually only buy washi at Walmart and the Dollar Tree. The Dollar Tree actually has really great quality washi with a variety of patterns. You should definitely check it out! Let me know how big your washi collection is, and where you like to purchase yours at.

I bought these three at Dollar Tree yesterday when finishing up my Christmas shopping. Super cute patterns. I love the old fashion postage and the purple-gray rain clouds. Can you believe these were at the Dollar Tree? Also, these were the only ones left on the rack, so I’m not the only one on the Dollar Tree washi bandwagon.


I got these from the Dollar Tree a while ago, and the interesting thing about these three is that they are fabric washi. I love the floral pattern, especially of the one in the middle.


I got the next four at Walmart. I use the stars around Fourth of July, the balloons to note birthdays, and I love the mason jars in general. The flower pattern is another fabric washi, and I have never used it before. I am going to try and remember to use it this coming spring.

The salmon pink with white polka dots is from the Dollar Spot at Target. This is not good quality to me, and it doesn’t stick to the paper. The adhesive isn’t strong enough, I suppose. Also it’s the same price as the Dollar Tree washi, but it half the size (not in width but length).


The last four I either got at Dollar Tree or Walmart. I got them over a year ago and cannot for the life of me remember where each is from. But they each were under $3 at least. I have used the red polka dot for Christmas-y type things. And I like the black and white Chevron a lot. The middle two I typically reserve for summer-y things since they are so vibrant and brightly colored.


And all my washi fits nicely in this Dollar Tree long plastic drawer organizer. I love Dollar Tree for all sorts of things, but especially for their organizers! So cheap but pretty good quality.

washi storage

Thanks for stopping by for another day of blogmas! xoxo



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