Blogmas Day 21: A Red Lip Dupe

Welcome to Blogmas day 21! Today I found a red lip dupe within my collection, so I wanted to share it with you all. Makeup dupes are some of my favorite posts, videos, pinterest pins to look at! Love to find a similar product for a lot less!


The dupe is NYX soft matte lip creme in Amsterdam against Trestique’s matte lip crayon in Chili Red. NYX retails for $5.99 at Ulta while Trestique’s is $28 on the Trestique’s website. I received the lip crayon in one of my ipsy glambags, so I have the mini version of this product. The full size actually has two products in one: the matte lip crayon on one side with a shiny lip balm on the other side in a corresponding color. I am unsure of the look of this lip combo since I do not have the full size product.

NYX is on the left with Trestique on the right. Chili Red is more matte, however, NYX dries down matte on the lips after some time. The coloring definitely pulls orange-y red on my skin tone than a true red. Honestly, I prefer the cheaper version, NYX, over the Trestique, as it is more moisturizing on the lips. I suppose that is because of the lip creme formulation as opposed to the crayon.

Both apply easily without the need for a lip liner. Trestique is a crayon which is nice for lining along with filling in the lips with color. NYX has a doe foot applicator which also provides ease with filling in color opaquely. The NYX does need one or two more layers than Trestique to reach it’s full opacity. The pictures below each have one layer of the product all over the lips.

Trestique Chili Red Matte Lip Crayon
NYX Soft Matte Lip Creme in Amsterdam

The appearance on the lips is almost identical, and they feel similar in texture on the lips as well. And you are able to save a boat load of money if you go with the NYX lippie.  Let me know about any dupes you have in your makeup collection! xoxo


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