2015 Recap & 2016 New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year’s Eve! 2015 has flown by, and it was such an eventful year for me. Abby and I got engaged during Christmas 2014, so wedding planning has commenced, especially in the last month. We bought our first home together and have dealt with home ownership issues already…new garage door, leaky roof, oh joy! We also said goodbye to our baby Bailey, who was 16 years old and a Jack Russell terrier. She was such a sweet dog, but her suffering was terrible. We decided to make her comfortable in doggie heaven this past August.  After deliberation and much begging from Abby, we adopted another dog. Our puppy, George! He is such a cutie. He loves to snuggle, play, and terrorize his sister, Ginger the cat.

I also dealt with crippling anxiety this past year which resulted in major GI upset and days where I couldn’t go into work. My doctor was extremely kind and has helped me through the anxiety, and George has significantly helped as well. He gives great snuggles and kisses when I feel anxious. I have better control of my anxiety now, but it still creeps up from time to time.

Overall, I’d say 2015 was a year that I will remember and are blessed to have such amazing experiences and opportunities. I am very much looking forward to 2016 where Abby and I will finally be married, go to Hawaii for the honeymoon, and I’ll finish the course work for my doctorate. I have a feeling 2016 will be just as eventful as 2015 was!

I do want to share the few New Year’s resolutions I have for 2016. I typically do not write resolutions, but this  year I decided to come up with a few that I can really work on to better my outlook, time management skills, and health. So here we go:

  1. Practice yoga twice a week.  I do NOT work out. I hate sweating and getting stinky, but I know I should do it more. However, I really enjoy yoga, and not only will this provide a form of exercise but will also help control my anxiety.
  2. Better my time management skills in work and school. I am a terrible procrastinator. If it can be done later, I’ll wait to do it later! Therefore, I want to be more on top of my work and school responsibilities. I think this will not only help my stress levels but will also produce better content since I will allow more time to focus on the task.
  3. Improve my work/life balance. This sort of falls in line with no. 2. With better time management, I will be able to leave work at work and focus on my household jobs and my family after work. I have a terrible habit of procrastinating at work with social media, YouTube, my phone, chit-chatting with my coworkers, so I need to turn off the phone, close my office door, and really hone in on my to-dos for each day. This will also open up my weekends, hopefully, so I am not doing school work when I could be with my family or friends.
  4. My last resolution has to do with this blog and my YouTube channel. I want to be putting up better content more consistently. So I am in the process of making a schedule in my new Kiki K planner, and have taken on the hobby of planning, the fun way! I am going to be trialing out this strategy over the course of January, and hopefully, I can be posting more frequently for you guys! So keep an eye out for more sharing from me!

That’s all I got, and I think it’s manageable but will improve my life significantly. Wish me luck! Let me know what your resolutions are for the new year and how you plan on meeting your goals. Happy New Year!!


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