Fresh Start 2016 Challenge

I am introducing a new series to the blog this month. January is all about new beginnings and fresh starts. Many people declutter, reorganize, and plan this month in hopes of changing bad habits and gaining a better perspective for the new year. I am one of these many people. Toward the end of December I started getting the itch to go through my stuff and make an effort to reorganize my clutter. Thankfully, since we just purchased and moved into our new home in June 2015, I had done a huge purge of items in May, so there isn’t much we need to truly get rid of rather just need to find a better system. However, there are three areas in which I use that could use some revamping. 1. Makeup Vanity; 2. Closet; 3. Dresser drawers. These three areas will be chronicled in videos I will post to my YouTube channel over the next month. I will (hopefully) be posting posts about other projects or organizing tidbits throughout the month as well. I hope to post two dedicated blog posts per week and one YouTube video per week. If you read my New Year’s resolutions last week, you will know that I am gearing up for more content here and on my channel in the hopes of reaching a wider audience.

I urge you all to join me in this venture of creating a fresh start for the  new year and decluttering and reorganizing your life to be more purposeful, enjoyable, and clutter free! Leave me a comment below if you are joining in this challenge with  me, so I can follow you and your progress. Good luck!! I look forward to creating a fresh start for myself in the coming month!

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