Sephora Haul | First of 2016

I have plans to pan many products this year (post to come), but I did want two things at Sephora, and since it’s my birthday this month, I decided to treat myself! One product I have had in my cart since before Christmas, but wasn’t sure if I wanted to purchase it. So I went ahead since it was on sale for $21.60, and it’s the St. Tropez Express Party Kit. I don’t normally self-tan, lay out, anything to give my skin color, but with our wedding and Maui honeymoon coming up in May, I decided to give this a try to determine if I wanted a little color on the wedding day. It also came with the mitt and a nail polish, so I thought this was a good deal.

The other purchase was one I have eyed for a while, but never wanted to drop $29 on it. It is also definitely a YouTube Made Me Buy situation! It’s the Burberry Wet & Dry Silk Shadow in Pale Barley. So gorgeous! I am wearing it today all over the lid with only some mascara, and it provides saturated color while remaining neutral. So far, I love it!


The other products I got were free. The newest Sephora birthday gift, two 100 point perks, and three free samples. The Sephora birthday gift was a choice between Fresh skincare and Marc Jacobs beauty, so I went with Marc Jacobs, an eyeliner and lipstick. These will definitely get some use as the formulation seems on point and creamy for both products. A great black for the eyeliner and a neutral pink for the lipstick. Also, Marc Jacobs’ packaging is some of my favorite: so sleek and aesthetically pleasing.

I went for two 100 point perk gifts: belief True Cream Moisturizing Bomb, which I’ve used before and love, and St. Tropez Everyday Gradual Tanner, for the same purpose as the Express Party Kit mentioned above.


The last goodies in my order were three samples, which come standard with any order on I’ve used the boscia cleanser before and like it. I’m interested to try the Clinque foundation+concealer. The Korres cleanser I have no opinion on yet, so we will see how it goes. I was really disappointed in the sample selection during check out: mainly fragrance samples, and I already have plenty of those. Sometimes Sephora has great sample selections and other times it’s so-so. IMG_0076

I hope you enjoyed a peek inside my shopping bag from Sephora. Check back Wednesday for Part II of my makeup declutter!


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