Project Pan 2016

I have been very intrigued by the project pan community on Instagram and have decided to participate in my own personal challenge to use up some much loved products over the course of the next 12 months. There is something extremely satisfying about completely using up a product, especially one you have worked on for a long time. All you beauty junkies know exactly what I am talking about!

I also have been working on most of the products I will feature shortly for over a year at least. Some of these are also my favorite, go to products. I really want to go through my makeup stash and use up more products, instead of purchasing more. I am not declaring a no spend year. That would be crazy, and pure torture for a beauty junkie like myself. But I do want to minimize my purchases to my needs (mascara, Brow Wiz) and every now and then treat myself to a fun trip to Sephora for a new product launch. My beauty expenses last year were out of control! Made it from Beauty Insider to VIB Rouge in the matter of a few months. That’s crazy! So, I need to control these splurges better this year. I’m hoping challenging myself to use up my stash will encourage me to not open my wallet and instead make a dent in my collection. I encourage everyone following me here to join in, even in the smallest capacity. Using up all your opened mascaras. Choosing that one powder you can’t seem to hit pan on and work to hit pan on it. Anything to make use of your collection and save a little cash.

Without further ado, here is what I am challenging myself to complete in the year 2016. I chose 10 products to work on this next year in the hopes to either use entirely or the majority of the product by December 31, 2016. I have never done a project pan before, so I didn’t think I could do more than 10, and wanted to have a lengthier period of time to complete the challenge. Also, a few of the products I chose I have already hit pan on or am close to it. I’m not sure if this is cheating or not, but this is my own challenge, so I do what I want! 🙂


I have two skin care and one hair care products. The Aussie hair spray I have been working on for literally years. I have 1/3 left. However, I don’t use hair spray everyday, and this stuff goes a long way, so I don’t need a lot. The alba moisterizer I purchased in August 2015, and have about half left, so I think this won’t be a problem finishing. Then I have an eye gel from Mario Badescu, which I feel like I have been trying to finish forever! So 2016 is the year to do this!


Then I have three eyeshadows that I love, but want to finish. NYX Leather and Lace, Nars Ashes to Ashes (OMG, the best!), and Naked in the Naked 1 palette.


You can see I have a major dip in the Naked shadow, but I haven’t reached for this in several months. Need to get back to it.


ELF’s Mineral Pearls is a newest addition to my stash, but I fell in love immediately. This stuff gives a nice glow while setting your foundation. I also wear this alone when I am just running errands or hanging around the house. The Body Shop’s Honey Bronzer I have had for a while. I haven’t hit pan, but I can see the pan’s rings under the product in the center.


Lastly is a Nars lipstick in Dolce Vita, which may be my most favorite lipstick, and Pixi eyeliner in Black Cocoa. These two I was able to measure on a sheet of paper, so will keep a tally of my progress.

I am planning on posting a Project Pan update every couple of months with a finale in December. Let me know if you plan to participate in my challenge and what products you plan to pan!


4 thoughts on “Project Pan 2016

  1. I used to have nars Dolce Vita. I think I lost it. After I finish a bunch of my products I may repurchase it down the road…

    I just started a similar project Would love it if you took a look! Can’t wait to see how you do!



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