Another Planner Sticker Haul | The Big One

So…the introduction at Christmas to my Kikki K planner (Abby got it for me) has changed my planning attitude. I have always had a planner, loved to make to do lists, and obsessed over time management, but I never did stickers, washi, decorative planning before. I’m still not there…probably won’t ever be a strict planner decorator like some of the girls you see on Instagram or YouTube. I have too many tasks, meetings, classes, etc to keep track off. I do like adding fun stickers here and there, but the stickers I gravitate to on etsy are functional, as you will see shortly. So I went a little nuts on etsy between Christmas and going back to work. I had a whole week off and didn’t have any big plans, so I shopped online! So sue me!! I will link each shop I bought from associated with the corresponding pictures.

The first shop is Paper Loving Mommy. She has cute headers. I got SCHOOL, HOME, TO DO, WORK, YOUTUBE, and BLOG. I also got heart checklists and the cutest yoga poses! Each etsy shop usually throws in a free small sticker sheet, so you will see one in each set of pictures. The quality is great with these stickers and the multi-colored headings allow you to match them up each week if you wish or mix and match with corresponding colors.

The next shop is LulusLuvlies. This is hands down the cutest shop with the most unique looking stickers. They are hand drawn and have a vintage appearance. I got doctor and dentist reminders, cleaning tasks (OMG, the cutest), and some for school assignments. The shop owners wrapped up the stickers in the sweetest packaging with a hand written note. Very nice touch.

Twohoneybeez is a shop where I purchased two monthly sets. I got the January and February sets. I thought this was a good way to have a lot of stickers to try out without having to place a ton of orders (Ha! Still made other orders). I was disappointed in the shipment time of this order. I purchased on December 26 and didn’t receive it until 1/11. I need to cut these etsy shops some slack as many are made to order, but in the world of Amazon prime, I was impatient! (Also, for some reason these pictures are the right way on my computer, but are sideways here, so I’m really sorry about that!) I also got planner clips that are engagement themed. Honestly, they are cute, but did I need to spend over $6 on them…probably not.

The last shop is Piper Paper Company. They also sent a handwritten note as well. I got the contact lens reminder and stickers associated with filming and editing for my YouTube channel. Great quality and really cute free sampler that is V-Day themed.

I have already gotten great usage out of many of the stickers I hauled over this month, but now I also have a stock to dig into over the next few months (at least). I do need more page flags, which I purchased from Plain Jane Stickers in early December. However, her shop is on vacation for another week or so. So patient must be a virtue in this new planning venture. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!


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