My Perfume Collection | Small yet Refined

I am no perfume aficionado; however, the perfume I have, I love and thoroughly enjoy. There is nothing wrong with large perfume collections. They are so pretty to look at and experiment with; but for me, as a nurse, I can’t wear heavy fragrances. And I also like my money on my face, not on my wrist! I would much rather spend on makeup than perfume. But I do have a nice, yet small, collection of perfumes that I love and would continue to repurchase once I finish them. And on another note about perfume, I get so many as samples from online orders, that they last a while and allow me to try perfumes I wouldn’t normally think to try.

So starting off, I have Gucci Guilty. This perfume is amazing! I discovered this from a sample size in a Sephora order. When I finished it, I placed an order for the travel spray ($31). It has notes of mandarin, pink pepper, peach, lilac, geranium, and amber. It is described as “daring, rich, and sexy.” It’s a great fall/winter scent due to the heaviness of the fragrance.

The next fragrance is Tocca Liliana and is $22 for the rollerball. I purchased the full size at a specialty shop in Savannah, GA. So this perfume holds a special place for me. The notes are bergamot, neroli, peach, gardenia, and musk. The key note to me is gardenia and smells heavenly. It is described as “spirited, intoxicating, and radiant.”

The next rollerball no longer has the design on it. It rubbed off during travel. But it is Coach Poppy. I think this might be discontinued because when searching for it, I could only find it at Target and Amazon. It has notes of mandarin, gardenia, and freesia. Honestly, I rarely use this fragrance. It was a gift, and it is not a scent I gravitate toward, which is strange due to the note of gardenia.

I have had Bath & Body Works Coconut Lime Breeze for years. It’s a light and refreshing scent I typically only reach for in the summer on pool days. It has notes of tangerine, neroli, lime juice, and bergamot.

I do have two sample sizes (one deluxe sample) that I am truly obsessed with at the moment, so I wanted to share them. First is Nest Indigo. Ugh! I am considering buying a full size of this. The packaging is gorgeous and the scent is so…yummy! It has notes of Moroccan tea, kashmir wood, and wild fig. It is described as “warm, aromatic, and mysterious.” I have really been loving this for winter.

Lastly is a teeny sample of Atelier Cologne in Mandarine Glaciale. I am mentioning this because the scent is intoxicating for this time of year. Very warm and citrusy. I have worn this every day for almost a week and still have half of it left. A little goes a long way and the fragrance lasts all day on me. It has notes of mandarin, ginger, bergamot, jasmine, and lemon. I would consider purchasing a roller ball of this as well. However, it is more of a winter scent to me, so I will probably hold off until next fall.

Thanks for going through my perfume collection with me! I hope you enjoyed. What is your must have scent? I’d love to know so leave a comment below!


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