Mountain Retreat Weekend | January 2016

This weekend Abby and I went to the mountains for a quick weekend getaway. Abby’s friends came along as well for a fun girls’ trip! Billie is Abby’s friend from law school and Amanda became our friend through Billie. We had a blast drinking, playing games, laughing, and touring Downtown Blue Ridge, GA. The best part was probably the apple cider donuts from Mercier Orchards, but we ate those too quickly to take a picture. But I HIGHLY recommend stopping by their massive store if in that area to try out the baked goods and apple cider. They also have a wine tasting room, but I am not a big fan of sweet, fruit flavored wines, so we passed on experiencing that.

We also decided to take George, our puppy, with us. This was his first long car ride (1.5 hours) and his first trip away from home. He did great! Slept to and from and was a serious trooper after a day of hiking and touring downtown. He was so tired though by Saturday night, he fell asleep sitting up in my lap in the car ride back to the cabin. Poor thing! Here are some highlights of our trip.

Saturday morning we took in the morning mountain air before we went out for a hike.

After we had a hearty breakfast, we drove out to Falls Branch Falls where there is a hiking trail that leads to a waterfall on top of a waterfall, or a double waterfall.

George had a great time on the hike. Isn’t he so cute in his Marty McFly jacket? Precious, but I’m also a little bias. After the hike, we drove over to the downtown area and had lunch and walked around a bit. We grabbed dinner at Joe’s BBQ and headed back to the cabin where we ate, drank, and watched the sunset over the mountains.

I hope you enjoyed a peek into our mountain getaway weekend. We had a lot of fun relaxing with friends and enjoying the peace of the Blue Ridge Mountains.


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