Birchbox | July 2016


Today I am sharing what I got in my July 2016 Birchbox. It was mainly skincare and hair care items. Continue reading to see what I decided to do with this monthly subscription…


Skincare: I got a deluxe sample of Clinique liquid facial soap for oily skin. I like this product. It is a nice sized sample and doesn’t dry out my skin but helps to remove makeup. The other skin care item is Milk Sunshine Oil. This is a roller ball, and for some reason, I can’t get around to rolling on an oil on my skin during the day. I do use a facial oil in the evening, but I don’t want oil on my skin first thing in the AM. So I might be passing this along to my sister.


Hair care: I received Klorane Blonde Highlights shampoo and conditioner. I was really p.o.’ed that one of my five products is a foil packet…but the conditioner is really nice. The smell isn’t my favorite, but the conditioner leaves my hair silky smooth.


The last product I received is Marcelle Curling and Lengthening mascara. I actually like this mascara for the summer minimal look I have been sporting lately. It provides a little bit of definition without being overdone. And the brush is a really interesting curvy shape.

Overall, I was underwhelmed by this month’s box. A foil packet…two hair care and two skin care items. Although the sample sizes of the non-foil packets is nice, I am still unimpressed. Therefore, I’ve decided to save my $10 each month and cancel my subscription (especially with the changes to the Birchbox point system). I do still subscribe to Sephora Play and am enjoying this service. I find that I am using all these little samples rather than my full sized products that I actually paid for, so I want to attempt to curate a collection of products that I really enjoy and use. What are your thoughts on subscription services and deluxe sized samples?

A Liquid Lipstick Dupe? ColourPop vs. NYX

If you watched my last haul video where I featured products I purchased at Ulta and ColourPop, you saw that I mentioned two lip products with really similar colors. These products are the NYX Liquid Suede in Soft Spoken and the ColourPop Ultra Satin Lip in Frick n Frack.


The swatches and how they look on my lips are extremely similar, so I put these to the test this week by wearing each color for a full day and seeing if the performance was similar. Here are the swatches:

Here they are on my lips, starting with NYX:

And here is ColourPop:

The only color difference is that CP pulls more purple on me than the NYX. Now on to the comparison of performance. Note: I did not wear a lip liner with either and exfoliated my lips the night before each test day.

I wore NYX Soft Spoken on Monday while I was at home doing housework and computer work. I applied at 11:00 and it lasted until dinner, which was Chick Fil A nuggets and fries. It looked okay, but it was a little patchy from the grease. So I reapplied as I had a meeting that evening. The formula reapplied nicely over itself. The product definitely transfers, but it applies smoothly and did not dry out my lips at all! It is a mousse-y consistency, but never bled outside my lip line. It does not dry matte, so it is more of a satin finish.

Here is the NYX after a few hours of wear:


Now on to CP Frick N Frack. I have previously tried this formula and love Echo Park from this line. As this is a darker color than Echo Park, I found it’s performance different. This is a satin finish, so it does not dry matte. However, it is long wearing and does dry down to a point that felt slightly uncomfortable to me, similar to a standard liquid lipstick. The lasting power is awesome! I applied around 10 AM and had lunch of fried fish, salad, and mac n cheese without any loss of pigmentation. I did reapply in the afternoon, and it applied nicely over itself. It does transfer similar to the NYX, but it is not as mousse-y so has less transfer. The major down side to this product is that it bled outside my lip lines. So I would wear a lip liner the next time I use it. While I could see the bleeding and it drove me crazy, my sister said she couldn’t see it and thought it looked good.

Here is what it looked like after lunch before reapplication where you can see the bleeding up close:


Overall, I like both products; however, personally, I like NYX better as it lasted just as long, wasn’t drying to my lips, and didn’t bleed outside the lip line. Also, it is easier to access than ColourPop. Price wise, these two products are comparable. CP is $6 and NYX is $6.99. Plus you have to pay for shipping at CP online, unless you purchase other products to an amount over $30. I also was not thrilled with CP packaging as some products came damaged and very little care was taken to packaging the products for shipping. I have heard bad things about ColourPop and shipping and their customer service, so I have decided to no longer purchase from them as I have experienced these things myself. Therefore, I can strongly recommend the NYX Liquid Suede, and I am thinking of trying some of the other colors as the color range is really fun!