Project 10 Pan | Update #2

I haven’t done an update on my year long project pan in a long time…and I haven’t used up a lot since the last update in March. I am making progress on the non-makeup products, but I have forgotten about the makeup items. I have also decided to switch out two products for similar products but ones I actually enjoy using and use almost every day. Check out this post to see where I was in my last update.

I am completely done with the alba moisturizer (yay!) and am almost done with the Mario Badescu eye gel. I will probably finish this in the next week. The Aussie hair spray has just a few uses left as well. I have never had a hair product last so long! But to be honest, I don’t do my hair regularly. I only use it when I curl my hair, which is only about once a week. And I just hit pan on the Urban Decay Naked shadow (third from the bottom)! Now that I’ve hit pan, I think, with regular use, I can increase the pan steadily.

The above four products haven’t budged much. I really don’t reach for them since it’s summer. I really use Nars Ashes to Ashes and NYX Leather and Lace during the school year (which is when I work). It’s a really nice combo for work appropriate makeup. And I haven’t reached for brown eyeliner (this one is by Pixi) during summer. Nars Dolce Vita lipstick is a sheer wash of neutral color, but I have been gravitating toward bright lips this summer while I am not working. As you can see on the paper, the progress is minimal on these two products. As the school year starts back next week, I am hoping to get more continued use out of these products and continue to work on using them up.


The last two products in this project were the ELF Mineral Pearls and the Body Shop’s Honey bronzer. I rarely reach for these and have products I like more. I don’t want to force myself to use products I don’t enjoy for the sake of using them up. So I decided to switch them with products I love and use everyday. These products are the NYX HD Translucent Finishing Powder and Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer (love love love this!!). My goal for these two products is to hit pan on both by the end of the year. I don’t think I’ll be able to use them up completely.

How are your project pans going? Hopefully, you’ve been more successful than me so far!



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