SK-II vs. Tony Moly | Sheet Mask Comparison

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I have been on an exploration in the realm of skincare sheet masks. I decided to compare the performance of two masks that have similar claims. SK-II Facial Treatment mask and Tony Moly I’m Real mask in Vitality (Broccoli essence).

The Tony Moly mask claims that it will protect the skin from environmental stressors by reversing the drying effects of pollution and UV rays. It is supposed to boost hydration and elasticity of the skin. It is formulated without parabens, talc, benzophenone, ethanol amine tray, or tar color. You can purchase this mask and many others from this brand at Ulta for $3.75.

SK-II is a high end skincare brand. The Facial Treatment mask is very expensive! At Sephora, you may purchase one mask for $17, 6 for $95, or 10 for $135. Yikes! I had got mine in this kit, which has a full-size Facial Treatment Essence and Facial Treatment Clear Lotion. This mask is for all skin types and targets dryness, dullness, and uneven skin tone. The mask is made of 100% cotton.

I tried the Tony Moly mask at the beginning of last week, and the SK-II mask over the weekend. Here is what I found:

There was no smell to the mask and was cooling to the skin. I left it on 30 minutes (recommended 20-30 minutes). I felt like after removal the leftover serum soaked into the skin well after I massaged it in. And my skin felt cool afterwards. It left my skin moisturized but didn’t feel there was much of a difference in the elasticity of my skin.

The sheet mask was much thicker than the Tony Moly. I left it on my skin for around 25 minutes (recommended 20-30 minute). I felt my skin was getting tight, so I decided to take it off before 30 minutes. After removal, I felt like my skin was definitely tighter than before use. The leftover serum was easy to rub into the skin, and I woke up with very moisturized skin.

I would say the claims to the SK-II mask are true, but I would hope so with that price tag! The Tony Moly mask helped with moisturizing the skin, but I really didn’t see much difference in the elasticity of my skin. I would not purchase a single or pack of SK-II masks because I just cannot justify the price for a mask that is single use. However, I can recommend the Tony Moly mask wholeheartedly as the price is great and the performance is on-par with the SK-II mask. Let me know if you have tried either of these masks and what you thought of them!


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