Project Pan 2016 | Update #3

I know my posts have been heavy on project panning the last week, but I will return with product reviews, fashion posts, and makeup looks soon!

Today, I wanted to share my third update for my annual project pan challenge, Project Pan 2016! I have made some great progress on the products I have chosen. I have completed two products: alba botanica moisturizer (finished last update) and Mario Badescu Ceramide Eye Gel. I have also made some good progress on the eyeshadows in this project. The first picture is from the last update and the picture on the right is this update. I have widened the pan on Naked and made progress on the NYX shadow. Nars Ashes to Ashes is slow going, but I have added it to Crossing 6 off my Christmas List project, so my goal is to use half of the pan by Christmas.


I have also hit pan on NYX HD Finishing Powder! This was my initial goal. I think this will go relatively quickly now that pan is visible. So, I’d like to use up the middle portion of the powder in the next two months. I haven’t hit pan on Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer, but I have a nice dip going. My goal is to hit pan, so I hope I can meet this.

Then I have made some decent progress on Nars Dolce Vita, but the Pixi eyeliner is rarely used…it doesn’t sharpen evenly and has some rough edges, which makes it difficult to apply without causing irritation. So this product may be the dud in this project, but I’m going to keep it in just to see how well I can do. The purple ink marked 10/1 is the marker for both the lipstick and the eyeliner for this update.


Lastly, I have a few more uses left in the Aussie hair spray. I rarely do my hair…maybe once a week. That’s why this is taking soooo long! But it will be gone in the next update (in a month or so).


There we go! I’m actually impressed with my progress for this update. I’ve used up two products total, and made some pretty good progress on several products. I’ll check in on my progress in the next month or so. So stay tuned!


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