My 2017 Goals | Create Intention

Happy New Year! I know many people have already shared their goals/resolutions and outlook for this new year. I wanted to do the same. I tend to prefer the word goals instead of resolutions as goals seem more feasible and can either be short or long term. I don’t know if I have ever been successful at a resolution, but know I have met many of my goals in the past.

I wanted to keep it simple this year with healthy living goals and beauty goals.

  1. Drink more water…doesn’t everyone have this as a goal!
  2. Practice yoga 3 times a week.
  3. Transition home products (mostly cleaning supplies) to non-toxic products.
  4. Focus on the makeup I have. This includes more project panning to enjoy the products in my stash and help to move them out. I aim to have a more curated collection of products I love. This will take years, but I want to start in 2017.
  5. Come off hormonal birth control. We want to start expanding our family in the fall, and I need to transition off B.C. this spring to make sure my cycles are regular to conceive more easily.
  6. Explore acupuncture and crystal healing.
  7. Treat myself to more massages. This is a fun one, but also healthy. While spending less on makeup each month, I can use that money to improve my health through massages and possibly acupuncture.
  8. No spend on makeup! I have already broken this one, but it is my birthday this month, and I wanted my Sephora birthday gift (first world probs). I purchased a few products (all non-toxic) as a gift to myself. I will share this in an upcoming haul! So after my birthday, I will resume my no spend! 😛
  9. When I do need to purchase skincare, body care, hair care, and makeup, review ingredients and opt for non-toxic products.

I thought about rounding this out to 10, but decided the 9 were sufficient. I know the hardest goals will be my yoga practice and drinking more water. I have a problem with diet coke! But I think the purpose of this is to create intention. And that is what I want to live by this year in all aspects of my life: personal, school, work, and this blog:



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