Pan that Palette | Update #3

Check out my current update on the two palettes in my Pan that Palette 2017 challenge: UD Naked and Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit. ❤


Spring Cleaning 2017 | Makeup Declutter

I did a HUGE clean out of my makeup stash. I literally sat on my bedroom floor and swatched all my products up and down my arms! I ended up with a pile of makeup that I no longer love or enjoy. Today I am sharing these products, and why I decided to part with them.

Sephora VIB Wishlist | April 2017

Per rumors circulating around the Sephora spring VIB sale, it is expected the 15% for VIB and VIB Rouge members will occur around April 18th. I also believe Beauty Insiders will get 10% off around this time. While I have issues with Sephora and their point system and reward program, Sephora only has two sales a year: in November and April, making this time of year a good way to stock up on items.

I am on a low buy…not going great, as I placed a Derm Store order and bought a few things at Walmart and Target over the last few weeks (if interested, I can share in a haul), but I do have a few items in my Sephora online shopping cart. I am mainly looking to stock up on replacement items. Here is what I will be looking at getting during the sale:

Abby needs more face moisturizer, and we both have used multiple samples and deluxe size of the belif true cream, so I will be purchasing this for her. I really do love this stuff, as it is moisturizing yet not greasy, and good for both morning and night.

I love these Shiseido facial cottons. They are $10 for 160 count. I cut these in half to remove eye makeup and apply facial toner. They are soft and don’t leave behind lint. I typically only need a pack every four-six months, so I will purchase one pack and hope it lasts until the November sale.

My tarte eyelash curlers are getting old and grungy, so I am looking to replace them. I have heard good things about the Kevyn Aucoin curler, and they retail for $21. I think I may pick them up to replace my worn out pair.

Lastly, I am curious about the CoverFx Illuminating Setting Spray. I saw Tati show this product in a recent video, and the sprayer looked epic, and she raved about the actual product. I have been shopping around for a new setting spray, and had some fails recently with the nozzles: Pixi, Milani, and ELF. I may or may not pick this up, as it is $31 for 4 oz. I’ll update you after the sale.

This is probably a boring VIB wishlist for many beauty lovers, but as I said, I purchased a lot of the products I would have gotten during the Sephora sale at Derm Store, since you get 20% with your first purchase online with them. I knew the VIB sale is only 15%, so I opted to get more on sale through Derm Store. I will share a haul once I get all the items delivered.

What do you plan to get at the Sephora sale, if anything? Any recommendations for setting sprays and eyelash curlers would be greatly appreciated!

Everyday Makeup Drawer | April 2017

I decided to do something different today by sharing what I have in my everyday makeup drawer for the next few weeks. I believe Jessica Braun started this type of video way back when, and it has been reinvented by numerous YouTubers. The purpose of this for me is to use some products that have gotten lost in my collection as well as focusing on my project pan items. Let me know if you like this type of content, and I can do this more often!