Sephora VIB Wishlist | April 2017

Per rumors circulating around the Sephora spring VIB sale, it is expected the 15% for VIB and VIB Rouge members will occur around April 18th. I also believe Beauty Insiders will get 10% off around this time. While I have issues with Sephora and their point system and reward program, Sephora only has two sales a year: in November and April, making this time of year a good way to stock up on items.

I am on a low buy…not going great, as I placed a Derm Store order and bought a few things at Walmart and Target over the last few weeks (if interested, I can share in a haul), but I do have a few items in my Sephora online shopping cart. I am mainly looking to stock up on replacement items. Here is what I will be looking at getting during the sale:

Abby needs more face moisturizer, and we both have used multiple samples and deluxe size of the belif true cream, so I will be purchasing this for her. I really do love this stuff, as it is moisturizing yet not greasy, and good for both morning and night.

I love these Shiseido facial cottons. They are $10 for 160 count. I cut these in half to remove eye makeup and apply facial toner. They are soft and don’t leave behind lint. I typically only need a pack every four-six months, so I will purchase one pack and hope it lasts until the November sale.

My tarte eyelash curlers are getting old and grungy, so I am looking to replace them. I have heard good things about the Kevyn Aucoin curler, and they retail for $21. I think I may pick them up to replace my worn out pair.

Lastly, I am curious about the CoverFx Illuminating Setting Spray. I saw Tati show this product in a recent video, and the sprayer looked epic, and she raved about the actual product. I have been shopping around for a new setting spray, and had some fails recently with the nozzles: Pixi, Milani, and ELF. I may or may not pick this up, as it is $31 for 4 oz. I’ll update you after the sale.

This is probably a boring VIB wishlist for many beauty lovers, but as I said, I purchased a lot of the products I would have gotten during the Sephora sale at Derm Store, since you get 20% with your first purchase online with them. I knew the VIB sale is only 15%, so I opted to get more on sale through Derm Store. I will share a haul once I get all the items delivered.

What do you plan to get at the Sephora sale, if anything? Any recommendations for setting sprays and eyelash curlers would be greatly appreciated!


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