ELF Haul

On Fourth of July, ELF had a gift with purchase that was a surprise…so I didn’t know what I was getting, but knew it was worth $13. I have had my eye on a few items from ELF, but have had difficulty finding them in stores. So I went for it! Plus you get free shipping when you spend $25.


I have been wanting to try the Poreless face primer for some time, and it is $6. It has a white, creamy texture. It glides on the skin nicely, but doesn’t fill pores like Benefit’s Porefessional or Makeup Forever’s pore primer. I need to use it more, as I have only used it once. I also needed a new liquid black eyeliner, so I opted for the Intense Ink Eyeliner in Blackest Black. My desire for a winged eye look with my hooded eyes has never been fulfilled, so I also got the cream eyeliner in black to see if would work…I don’t have high hopes…

I need another bronzer and blush like a hole in the head, but I decided to try the matte version in Fiji. I love the bronzer so far! It applies nicely and evenly and works well as a contour for me (as you can see the swatch barely shows up!). The blush is nothing incredibly special, but I will get use out of it on low key makeup days. I also got the large kabuki brush, which I mainly use to buff out/blend my color cheek products.


I purchased two other tools: the Precision Smudge Brush and The Pore Refining Brush and Mask Tool. I have looked for both these items in stores and can never find them! I’m excited to test them out.

Lastly, the gift with purchase: I am already decluttering two of the items because I know I will never use them. There are the Liquid Highlighter which came out oily upon application and the Lustrous Eyeshadow in sheer (second swatch from top). The eyeshadow is just something I will never wear. The gift also included another cream eyeliner in Teal which I have always been drawn to. So I am going to give it a shot. Then there was a matte lipstick in Blushing Brown. It’s a creamy matte texture and the color will be nice come fall, so I am going to keep it as well.

I am excited to use the items I purchased, but am mildly disappointed in the GWP. Oh well! Would you like to see me review any of these items for the blog?



June Empties

I used up a lot of skincare this month! Check it out! I show the products I have used up and give reviews on whether I would repurchase them in the future.

Sephora Haul | June 2017

My wife was really sweet after I cared for her two weeks ago after she had major surgery. She said she wanted to thank me with a gift. While she definitely didn’t have to do that, I took her up on the offer and made an order at Sephora. I show you what she got me in the video below. Check it out!