Netflix Shows You Should Binge Watch

I thought I would share a different post than what I usually do, where I share the shows I have loved on Netflix and would recommend to you! Happy binging!

The OA

This show is thought provoking and chilling. I couldn’t stop watching this series, and became obsessed with the characters and back stories. The story centers around a girl who has been missing for years and has been brought home after years being held captive by a scientist. The main character has visions and hopes to find her fellow captives with the help of some local boys and teacher.

Orange is the New Black

This is an oldie but a goodie on Netflix. The original “original Netflix series” is entering its fifth season in June, so if you haven’t watched this yet, you better get on it! The story follows a woman who is incarcerated and the viewer gets to know her and all the other characters one by one. The end of season four will tear your heart out, but the social and political subjects that are addressed in this show are relevant and important.

Girl Boss

This is the newest Netflix series I just binged. It’s about Sophia, who created Nasty Gal online retail store, and follows her start up on eBay and the trials she faces opening a business in a man’s world with man’s rules. Sophia does things her own way, and at times, I really couldn’t stand her selfishness, but the side characters (hello, RuPaul!) make this show a gem. It’s a quick binge with thirteen episodes at 30 minutes each, that’s just a regular Saturday!

The Crown

While The Crown may not be completely binge-worthy, as it took me a few weeks to finish, it is still a wonderfully acted, scripted, and directed show. The Crown focuses on Queen Elizabeth’s early days as Queen with young children and a husband (who at times, I’m not sure is worth her time…). The politics of the time period come through with Elizabeth’s relationship with Winston Churchill, her sister and her lover, and more. An intimate look into the life of Queen Elizabeth is a must see on Netflix!

Making A Murderer

Now this show had me captivated from the first scene until the last. I believe I stayed up all night finishing it from beginning to end. I would not miss this show if you love murder mysteries, Law and Order, or true crime. Steven Avery has been in jail for a murder he says he didn’t commit. The filmmakers of this documentary followed his story for years, interviewing his family and friends to understand what happened to Teresa Halbach. While there is controversy behind the film and Steven’s story, it continues to be an intriguing case that has infatuated many viewers.

I hope you enjoyed this different kind of post, and if you have (or will) watched these shows, let me know what you thought about them!

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Labor of Love Project Pan | Introduction

Today I am introducing a new project pan challenge that I created! I am entitling this the Labor of Love challenge, as I picked items that I really do love, but I have had a hard time in the past panning. I have issues panning lip products and foundation, and I added in a highlighter, which I have never panned!

If you’d like to join me in this challenge, pick four items that you love but are having trouble using up, and aim to finish them by Labor Day, which is September 4, 2017. I will be posting updates every 3 weeks. I would love for you to join me in this project! Let me know in the comments below if you opt in! xoxo

Pan that Palette | Update #4

Long time, no post! I feel like I have been gone forever because of work and school coming to a close for the semester. I wanted to catch up on my project pan updates this week and next, so there will be posted content on my YouTube channel while I am away on vacation! I am going on an Alaskan cruise this week, and am really excited to explore and relax! I will be sure to share our adventures with you once we return. ❤

Be sure to check out my progress on my two palettes I am panning for 2017: Urban Decay Naked and Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit. Thanks for watching!

Rehaul | Reviews of Recent Purchases

I have seen a few bloggers and YouTubers do this type of post where they review the products they have recently hauled…known as a rehaul. I love this idea, because using a product more than once for a first impressions type haul will obviously give you a better understanding of the product. I thought I would do a rehaul for you guys of the purchases I made at Ulta and Derm Store (see original post here).


I absolutely love the NYX microbrow and clear brow gel, as I have used several of each. I would recommend them to anyone as dupes for the Anastasia Beverly Hills products. The NYX skinny mascara…eh…Not my fave. It doesn’t do anything for my lashes and the brush is sooo small that it has no pay off! I am going to try to finish it up as my bottom lash mascara, but won’t repurchase. And the Leaders sheet masks are really nice. I have used the Too Much Fun in the Sun? already and will use the Pores Gone for Good soon.

I know that I love the Schick razors and Shishedo cotton squares, as I have repurchased these many times over. I am really enjoying Urban Decay’s Naked powder in Light Neutral. I typically use it with a large fluffy powder brush to set my foundation. For times I need more coverage, I will use the sponge that came with the product, and it has medium coverage and wears nicely all day. I am still getting used to the looseness of the eyelash curler clamps, but they curl nicely. The Ulta Grapefruit body spray isn’t my favorite body splash I have used, as the sprayer is very strong and gets my clothes wet. The scent is strong on first application but doesn’t last any time at all. I will just use this up over the summer on pool days.


I also made a purchase at Derm Store and am enjoying the majority of the items. I love the Vita Liberta gradual self-tanner! I have gone two shades darker on my arms and legs from just using this a few times a week! There is no self tanner smell, and it’s very moisturizing. I would highly recommend it!

I have not used the Jurlique essence yet as I am finishing up my SK II essence before opening it. I have used the Sunday Riley Martian toner, and it is fabulous! I love the smell, texture, and performance on my skin. It’s definitely pricey, but the bottle is huge and will last months despite using it every morning.

I did purchase two makeup items: Besame lipstick in Tango Red and Glo Minerals color correcting palette. I am IN LOVE with the lipstick. It is the perfect combo of red and orange and lasts forever! I usually apply it with a lip brush. The color correcting palette is very small…for $25 I would expect it to be bigger. On application, the colors are a bit drying on my chin area, so I use a beauty blender, and it isn’t as patchy. But I wouldn’t recommend such a small palette for the price if you are in the market for color correcting products.

I hope you enjoyed this new type of post from me! I enjoyed rehashing the items I purchased and identifying what I really like and what I could have lived without. What have you purchased recently that you are loving, or maybe not loving?

Treat Yo’ Self! | Rituals to Alleviate Anxiety

In the words of Tom and Donna from Parks and Rec, “Treat Yo’ Self!” I know there is some controversy sparked in the “green/organic/natural” beauty world right now regarding self-care and this theme of treating yourself. But I personally think it is important to engage in some “self-care” (if you will) to maintain a sense of calm and to reset yourself after a stressful day or a particularly hard month at work.

As a person who deals with anxiety on the regular, to the point where my GI system likes to rage against me in times of stress or major anxiety, I have come to enjoy some me time and practice alone time, self-care, or “treat yo’ self” type rituals. Therefore, I thought I would share my rituals that I deem important to maintain an emotional equilibrium in a time of political and social (and occasionally personal) turmoil. (I live in the U.S., and if you live under a rock, this country is going to hell in a hand basket real quick under our current administration and has affected me in ways I didn’t expect).

I don’t think the theme of treating yourself needs to entail a laundry list of things like Donna and Tom have in place…and it definitely doesn’t have to break the bank! For me, sometimes it is as simple as putting on some music (on Spotify-search for Chloe’s Playlist…Epic tracks) and staring out the window rehashing the day or event. Other times, it involves some products to help chill me out and reset my mind and emotions.

I like to do a face mask as this is helping my skin reset and gives me time where I have to be sitting still. Here are my two current favorites: Josh Rosebrook’s Cacao Antioxidant Mask (smells like cocoa) or a sheet mask from Tony Moly.

Sometimes I will take a bath, and other times I will lay on my bed, just depends on the mood. I am usually listening to music or a podcast. For laughs and girl talk, I like to listen to Bitch Sesh with Casey Wilson and Danielle Schneider, and it is a pod that breaks down Bravo’s Real Housewives franchises…which is a major guilty pleasure of mine!

I would suggest keeping a journal to help track emotions and events that caused anxiety. I need to be better at this myself, so take my advice and keep a journal! But you can also identify triggers, feelings, and reactions to certain things in your life by doing this, which may help to lessen the anxiety you are feeling.

Lastly, I would say not to be hard on yourself when you have had an anxious day, week, or month. We cannot control the outside world, or even our inside world at times, therefore, we cannot assume we will be able to fix anything outside of our control. Going forward with this principle may be helpful when trying to reconcile your anxiety with events or triggers outside of yourself. Identifying your anxieties will help you to gain better control over them…also, for me, I ask myself what is the worst thing that could happen? As long as no one will get harmed (including yourself), then you will survive it!

I by no means have my anxiety completing under control, but I find setting some “self-care” time for myself when I need it helps to reduce my anxiety and reset my attitude for the next “catastrophe” that comes my way. I hope this was helpful and provided a little perspective. Let me know what ways you unwind when you are dealing with stress or anxiety.

Disclaimer: I am a nurse by trade, but am not specialized in mental health care. This post was written with my own experiences in mind and hoping what has helped me decompress may help someone else. This post is not attempting to replace your doctor’s medical advice or pharmacological therapies, but as a supplement to one’s current regimen.

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#Drop 10 By Summer | Update #2

The end of the spring semester always is rough with finals and grades and meetings, so the blog has been neglected lately. I appreciate all those who have stuck around while I try to get back on track. Here is my second update for my makeup project pan challenge, #drop 10 by summer. I hope to be posting more regularly in the coming week. Keep on the look out!